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Like every morning last Saturday M.O., 59 was going to clean the lift and the stairs of a building where she works as a porter.

Astonished, she discovered a suspicious pot in a corner of the lift. It was a pressure cooker and it was tightly closed. I happened to find the pot explained the woman. Never before had I seen such a strange thing. I instinctively thought it might contain a bomb and we all might be blown up!

The hesitant woman called for help. No sooner did she phone the Police than two men arrived for the risky mission. They quickly investigated. However, nothing strange had been observed by any of the neighbours the night before. After a while all the details were found out:

A friend of ours and his son were going back home from a chalet they have in the country. It was two o´clock in the morning and they were carrying some big bags as well as the pot. What the pot contained was a delicious rice pudding that a kind neighbour had carefully prepared for them.
But they forgot to take the dessert out of the lift and went placidly to bed.
If we had known what the pot contained, instead of carrying guns we would´ve carried spoons! exclaimed the policeman to our forgetful friend´s wife in good humour.
This time there was neither crime nor punishment nor a fine. Piece of cake! the policeman thought greatly relieved.

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De: Luiso Fecha: 2005-03-03 12:07

Una de dos:
O la gente no lee en inglés, o no le gustan las historias impersonales ;)

Siendo tú la cocinera políglota, me olía el final... Un saludo!.

De: la cocinera Fecha: 2005-03-13 21:14

Me consta que hay un buen nivel de inglés por aquí.

La historia es absolutamente verídica, ¿sabes? :-)
¡Un saludo!

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